Posted on Oct 26, 2020

South Florida Mobile Mechanic

Ok, so where do people get off thinking they can be rude and yell at a dispatcher and it's going to change the outcome ??

A lady called and said her son needed tire service. When asked if he had a spare she said no but he has 2 tires on the front that we can take off. The dispatcher was not quite understanding how we were going to take the wheels off the front and put them on the rear still leaving no tire but now on the front. As they lady started to get an attitude and get upset, the dispatcher told her that we really can't help as this sounded like a task that roadside (even if in a parking lot) was going to turn into a nightmare, she started to yell and cuss.

Why will no one come help us? She had obviously called other people who told her the same thing.

Then she became really abusive. That obviously was getting her absolutely nowhere.

If someone says they cannot help you then just accept it. As a business owner we have the right to deny service to anyone, I don't HAVE to come assist your breakdown.

To the lady who said she was going to post bad reviews everywhere I suggest you go to anger management and learn how to be kind and respectful to people.
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